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About Edward

Living happily by the sea in Brighton England with his pens, paper and easel, illustrator Edward Blake Edwards produces fine representational ink drawings. Always working by hand, each image is built up from thousands of tiny dots. When not tap, tap, tapping his ideas into being he likes nothing more than to satisfy his inner nature geek by watching repeats of nature documentaries. 

Edward’s inerviews

Parliaments of owls and denizens of the deep are amongst the many creatures that populate the beautifully crafted world of Tim McDonagh illustration. Here is Edwards interview with D&AD New Blood 2010 winner Tim McDonagh.

 Artist and designer Julie Verhoeven, a respected force in fashion and design, has worked as a designer, illustrator, creative director, artist and tutor. Verhoeven was a design assistant to John Galliano and Martine Stibon, then lead designer toGibo, also collaborating with fashion houses Louis Vuitton and Versace amongst many others. 

Edward’s inspirations