Jenny Brown is an American artist living in Providence. Jenny got art education in School of Visual Arts, New York. Her search in art world lies not in mainstream with cute girls and light reproduction of reality. Jenny’s art awake your subconscious, talks with you with the help of colors and shapes. We are happy to present our exclusive interview with Jenny. Enjoy! 

L: Jenny, you had a lot of exhibitions and publications. What was your first big success? 

JB: My first solo show in 2005.  I had just finished graduate school in NYC, and had the good fortune to have a solo show a gallery (Servicio Ejecutivo) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I got lots of hands on learning about how to prepare for a show - how to choose work, how to do an interview, how to create promotional materials. The curators allowed me to be involved in all aspects of the process, and I have used the knowledge I gained during that show ever since. It was a great introduction to the post-school art world! 

L: How do you arrange your workspace? 

JB: My studio space is in my home in Providence, which includes my work desk, computer, scanner, and some my favorite collectibles, such as antique photos and books. And on top of that lies pile after pile of drawing papers, collage materials, pens and inks. It very hard for me to throw paper away, so even scraps end up living on the desk!

L: Do you have your own «treasure»? What are they? 

JB: My art book collection is very loved. Not only do their stories and images inspire me, but the books are beautiful objects in their own right.

L: Who or what is inspiring you right now? 

JB: I’m loving 18th century botanical illustrations, Francesca Woodman's photography, and documentaries about the ocean and outer space!

L: Is there something new you want to try? 

JB: I feel like I’m ready to experiment more with the size of my collages. I’d love to make both larger work, and try my hand at making some very, very small pieces.

L: Do you like to rewatch movies? What are your favorites? 

JB: For all around “amazing-ness,” I revisit Mikio Naruse’s “When a Woman Ascends the Stairs" again and again.  It’s just a beautiful movie all around…the composition, the story, and the sound.

L: And our special question. Imagine that you are sweets, what kind it would be and why?:) 

JB: I think I’d choose to be a slice of Black Forest cake, one of my all time favorite desserts. It’s such a delicious treat, with the layers being the best part!

Thank you  Jenny!



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