Izziyana Suhaimi  is incredibly talented artist from Singapore. Skillfully balancing between embroidery, illustration and watercolor, these fantastically beautiful works make our hearts beat faster, and make it possible to feel the warmth emanating from each single work. We become very happy when Izziyana approved our request for the interview. Enjoy!

Endlessly curious. My work primarily involves the use of embroidery. I am interested in collapsing the boundaries between traditional and popular cultures and exploring the links that exist between these two. 

L: What was the first: drawing or embroidering? How this brilliant idea of mixing these two techniques came to your mind?

I: It all started with a school project. I was working with medical illustrations of the heart (from Henry Gray’s “Gray’s Anatomy”). I experimented with some embroidery, and I enjoyed it so much that since then, I began including more embroidery into my work. I’ve been drawing since I was small but not so much, I drew more after I started embroidering! In fact, sometimes I like to use embroidery to draw. The only thing is, it’s very slow.

L: Do you think in future there will be no boundaries between illustration, photos, paintings and so? 

I: I think it already is like that. In everything and not just art, boundaries are getting blurred and limitations are being pushed.

L: What functions/aims modern art should perform/achieve these days? What is your attitude towards entertainment element of contemporary art?

I: Wow, big question. I don’t think modern art should be a certain way. The beauty of art is in its variety and diversity, though that can be the ugly side of it too. Personally, I feel all art-making should come from the heart, backed by a good story - something you need to say that no one else can say it better.

Shouldn’t all art be entertaining? 

L: Did you receive a professional art education? 

I: Yes, I have a fine arts degree in Photography.

L: What is more important for you: «form» of expression or «idea» behind your work?

I: They’re both equally important to me. It’s hard to like work that’s not visually intriguing and it’s hard to appreciate work that looks good but is kind of boring. I think I still have a long way to go in achieving this!

L: And our special question. Imagine that you are sweets, what kind it would be and why?:)

I: Haha I would be something from Willy Wonka’s factory! Maybe something that will make you change colours. Or you can blow a huge bubble and float around nicely in the air. Because I am always thinking up of things that are not very realistic but I’m still hopeful nonetheless! A sweet like that would be fun.

Thank you, Izziyana!



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