Young Bloods

Sara Ligari, is a Milan based, young designer and fashion illustrator. Her works are bold, vivid, charismatic and they will definitely tickle your attention with their captivating energy and style.

Aleksandra Kabakova’s  delicate works capture a fragment of the beauty and fragility of nature, showing hidden emotions in all things around us. Here is our exclusive interview with Aleksandra.

Leivos had an exclusive interview with charming illustrator from Ukraine Elizabeth Sanchez

Amanda Mitsuri is an illustrator and designer from Indonesia. Amanda uses bright gamut to create cool ornaments and sweet portraits. Amanda, we wish you good luck with all your projects! 

Clover Chena fashion illustration major in her final year at London College of Fashion in London, captures the pulse of fashion style from the 20th centure. Her work is so hauntingly beautiful and precise, bringing a tremendous elegant twist to the fashion illustration.

Roystan Ling, a lover of comic drawing, illustration, fine art and pop art, works as a visualizer for an advertising agency and freelance drawing.

We have been glad to find the interesting illustrations done by young illustrator from Indonesia Isa Panic Monsta. The themes of his illustrations range from the issues of love, philosophical views on everyday life, human expectation and reality. Isa tries to depict everything close to reality from his view point of an illustrator, adding special meaningful tone to each work. 

Spanish illustrator Giselle Vitali explores the beauty of the human body inside and outside. Giselle shared with us her perception of the world and plans for the future.

We bring you warm and colorful illustrations by talented illustrator from Indonesia - Teddy Karas Onyszkow.  Teddy’s art works breathe hippy aesthetics, Woodstock, freedom and road trip.

Looking at Thuraya Lynn’ s illustrations is like going to experience brand new adventure. What we like about these illustration is the simple shapes, great use of limited colors and its cheerful style.

 In any discussion of noir visionaries in illustration, we would like to mention young and talented artist Piedad Ortiz. Piedad is unmatched when it comes to capturing the shadowy, smoke-filled atmosphere.

Fresh inspiring breath from Israel is here! Brave, open-minded, charismatic Yaron Steinberg. His huge creative potential impresses you by the first look. Varied cocktail mix of techniques, gamut, styles and subjects.

We present young, sparkle and very nice Polish illustrator Kamil Solmiński akaTrsTrismeWe talked with Kamil about his start in illustration, his inspiration and plans for the future. 

Writing about super talented young people as Helen Vine is, and trying to categorise their work, is a real challenge to sum up in a few sentence, because everything this girl does is just EXTREMELY AWESOME!!, but we going to give it a try. Whatever Helen draws, it is done with the impeccable skills, in a special exquisitely executed way. We happy to bring you our interview with Helen!

Hong Kong based artist Florence Li serenading the greatest feeling ever calledLOVE through all her sensual and delicate works.

 It’s always a great pleasure to present young aspiring artists, who are passionate about what they do and dare to follow their dreams. Let us introduce to you our interview with Paulina Kloc, impressively talented young illustrator and designer from Poland.

We enjoy the tension of the free-flowing colors, dark moods, and the way it’s controlled, leading to an impeccable balance between edgy and beautiful, in all Kogi Ko’s works. Try to unravel his secrets?

Christopher Morris, charismatic artist and illustrator from London, morphs shadows to create surrealistically beautiful pieces, bringing “fresh air” to the world of fashion illustration.

Many of you have seen fragile and overwhelming beautiful illustrations by german illustrator Angelika Peissker. We are very glad to post our interview with wonderful Angelika!

Our special interview with the talented illustrator with child’s imagination -Madi! All Madi’s illustrations are eye-candy for sure.

We are excited to publish the exclusive interview with the amazing talented illustrator (a pure treasure!) from Poland Magdalena Szklarczyk

Sunday special interview with the talented illustrator Adriana Krawcewicz, who is bound to impress with her beautifully distinct style!

Leivos introducing charming illustrator Magdalena Pankiewicz from Poland. She creates very colorful portraits.

Leivos introducing lovely illustrator Harriet Gray from the UK.

Leivos had a pleasure to interview charming Erica Sharp. She creates her beautiful and bright illustrations using Japanese washi paper.

Spiros Halaris is young talented illustrator and graphic designer. His portfolio is amazing!

We would like to present young and wild illustrator from Moscow Cyril aka 

Charlie Bearman.

Leivos introducing charming illustrator Caleis from sunny Spain. 

Leivos interviewed talented illustrator and nice person from Ukraine Janis Viktoriia.

We want to introduce our new favorite - extraordinary illustrator Rery.

Leivos had a pleasure to interview young and talented illustrator from Korea - Ha jin